Battle of Dunkirk Essay

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Was Dunkirk a success or a failure? The Dunkirk battle happened in the Second World War and it was between the Allis and the Germany. I personally think Dunkirk was a failure. Dunkirk was a failure because in the film Atonement it shows the soldiers running around, which shows a lack of discipline. It also shows that they are disorganized and they had no orders as there were soldiers being shown running around or throwing up because they had drunk so much. However the film is not very reliable as it was a romantic film and the writer tried to make Dunkirk look as terrible as possible. Dunkirk was a success because of the good discipline that was shown by the soldiers and the united British people who send fishing boats to collect their soldiers. This is shown in source 2. Sir Richard Attenborough stated “We remember Dunkirk the power of human spirit” which shows that he thought Dunkirk was a success too. Dunkirk was a failure because it left many of the soldiers who survived traumatized for life like Private Phil Muthon who stated “The chap next to me was killed- I was covered in his blood” which shows that after some soldiers were saved they had terrible memories which lived with them their whole life. Dunkirk was a success because lots of soldiers were saved which helped win the war because it meant The British had a bigger army and it saved time/money by not training new people for future wars, as well as it gave Britain spirit and hope that they could win a different war if they had to fight again. Dunkirk was a failure as the British left behind most of their equipment as it shows in source 9. This is a failure because it meant that loads of money was wasted on the equipment that wasn’t used but it was destroyed or left behind. This meant the British army lost many of the money and equipment they could have used for future battles (if there were

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