Battle Of Chattanooga Essay

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The Battle of Chattanooga The battle of Chattanooga began shortly after the Army of the Cumberland forces under the command of General William S. Rosecrans retreated from Chickamauga to Chattanooga after the Confederates under the command of General Braxton Bragg smashed through part of the Union defenses. General Rosecrans found himself almost completely surrounded by Bragg’s forces. In an effort to save the Union troops in Chattanooga, Abraham Lincoln decided to send some of Meade’s forces to help Rosecrans. Dozens of trains were assembled, and eleven days later 20,000 men with their artillery, horses, and equipment arrived near Chattanooga. Lincoln was keenly aware of the importance of Chattanooga. Lincoln said that, “…taking Chattanooga is as important as taking Richmond.” Rails from the city linked major distribution centers for the Confederacy. Lincoln ordered reinforcements to the city in the Moccasin Bend of the Tennessee River and gave Ulysses S. Grant command of all forces west of the Appalachians. Grant then hurried to Chattanooga to take charge of the coming battle and relieved Rosecrans from duty. Meanwhile, the rebels were having their own problems. Bragg had withheld his troops from destroying Rosecrans retreating forces. Already concerned with his actions as commander, Bragg’s subordinates petitioned Richmond for relief. When President Davis visited, he responded to Bragg’s critics by dismissing them or reassigning them. Bragg, being the worst commander in the war, was left in charge. In late November, Grant ordered his troops to attack Confederate positions on Lookout Mountain. Charging uphill through swirling fog, the Union forces quickly drove the Confederate troops off the mountain. Confederate soldiers retreating from Lookout Mountain hurried to join other Confederate forces at Missionary Ridge east of

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