Battle of Chapultepec Essay

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The Battle of Chapultepec The Battle of Chapultepec took place between September 12th and 13th in the year of 1847. It was impressive victory of the United States over the Mexican forces during the Mexican-American. The Mexican army was holding the castle of Chapultepec which was located west of Mexico City. Due to the previous costly Battle of Molino del Rey a few days prior, the United States forces were able to drive the Mexican army from their original positions near their post of Chapultepec castle, guarding the entire west portion of Mexico City. The primary cause of this war was the annexation of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas Revolution. The castle was set on top of a 200 foot tall hill which was the Mexican Military Academy. In comparison this castle would have been the equivalent to West Point. A gradual slope from the castle made an appealing attack point. The Mexican army had 300 men on top of the hill and 100 on the castle’s garrison. These additional troops were used to defend a large rectangular piece of ground in front of the castle. This bottom part was protected by high walls and was about three quarters of a mile long by one quarter mile deep. The Mexican army had artillery but not with the advanced technology as far as weapons, the United States forces counted with more advanced artillery with howitzers and mortars that they use to acquire an entrance point into the walls of the castle. Also, the supply system was readily available because the previous battles won by the United States that allowed them to gain more territory on the Mexican land. The Mexican forces did not count with experienced forces, the officers and cadets where between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. The Mexican army was lead by Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana who knew that the castle was a great tactical point for the defense of the
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