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Battle of Cambrai 1917 On November 20, 1917 at 6:20, Britain and Germany broke out into a battle. Britain's commander was Julian Byng. Germany's commander was Georg von der Marwitz. This battle took place in Cambrai, France. This battle occurred because Britain wanted the Hindenburg line and wanted to test their next weapons, tanks, on the Germans. This being said Britain started this battle. The battle of Cambrai marked the end of Cavalry as an effective military asset. It was the first battle to utilize a large number of tanks, well over 350. Cambrai was chosen because of the hard ground in the area as most of the front was mud and early tanks were unable to traverse this terrain. The buildup of the tank force was a surprise to the British soldiers as well as the Germans as it had been kept secret. The aim of the tanks was to break through the German's Hindenburg Line. This line consisted of three layers of trenches supplied by a light railway and defended by many soldiers with guns fortified in concrete pill boxes. There was a lot more advanced and productive technology used during this battle. For example there was tanks, infantry, artilleries, and cavalry divisions were also used in this battle. Britain's tactics were very unstable during this battle. This is because they kept shifting from being ahead of Germany to then being behind them. At the beginning Britain won the first attack by using their tanks and heavily armed machinery. Later on, their general underestimated the tanks strength which caused a critical loss for the British. Britain then decided to attack with modified machinery including artilleries, tanks, and infantry. Which this caused a major loss for the Germans. Later, the British initiated a surprise attack, however is was not completely successful. This caused British to lose many soldiers yet again. Germany fired multiple counter

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