Battle for the Tresure of the Temple Essay

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The battle for the treasure of the temple. One day there was three explorers named Alexander, Christopher and George and this three went to a jungle. And it was a stormy night and the three explorers were lost. Alexander was taken by a tornado to an old, mysterious place. But it was a temple. There was only a witch who was called as Laura and her ugly, black and fury cat that was named as Magical Mr.Misstofflee. The explorer was taken in he was greeted and treated by her. And she gave a room to Alexander which was filled with bats and spiders....he didn’t slept that night he went out to walk and there was a old mossy tomb he stood there and a ghost came out Alexander knew that this is a creepy place. He asked the ghost ‘who are you’. The ghost answered ‘I am the monk of this holy temple ‘. And so Alexander asked who killed you’ and the monk replied ‘ it`s a long story no one knows what happened to me only the witch knows’ and Alexander asked the monk `if you can tell me’ ok I will tell you the story `it was a creepy day and a poor lady came to the door of the temple she asked to stay and I gave her to stay and she asked me about the temple in this temple there is a treasure under this temple she got know about this and she poisoned me and she took the treasure at last I got to know that she is a witch. Can you help me to kill this witch? And take this treasure. Alexander answered ‘yes I will’. Alexander went inside the temple and the witch said that he was killed by the village men not by her when Alexander asked about the monk. There was a curse in the treasure if anyone who kills this witch the treasure belongs to him/her. So she planned that night to kill Alexander but she could not because the monk said him about what witch is planning so witch went asleep for an hour because she needs to kill Alexander. Before she kill him. Alexander killed her and the curse

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