Battle for Stalingrad Essay

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Stalingrad, a brutal and costly battle fought street by street and hand to hand at some times and ended the German advance through Russia. A battle that tactically did not need to happen but ended up turning the tide of World War Two (WWII). The German Sixth Army could have passed by the city, leaving it alone on their march across Russia toward complete European domination. “One of the ironies of the war, is that the German Sixth Army need not have got entangled in Stalingrad” However, due to Russia’s leader Joseph Stalin (Stalin) being the city’s namesake, Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler (Hitler) was as obsessed with taking the city as Stalin was with retaining it. “Not one step backwards,” this was the order from Stalin to his commanders on the battlefield. Russian commander General Chuikov took this order to heart as did every Russian Soldier, whether they wanted to or not. Many Russian Soldiers were shot by their own people for retreating or falling back in the face of a superior enemy. In early September 1942, the German commander, General Paulus, was ordered by Hitler to take the city of Stalingrad on his way to securing the oil fields in the Caucuses. The German 6th Army along with the 4th Panzer Army pushed through Russia to the west and into the city of Stalingrad. It was there they met head to head with the Russian Army numbering over a million. However, the Russian Army had been pounded for months by the German Blitzkrieg and was in disarray. The Germans quickly pushed through the city and reached the banks Volga River, and controlled most of the city. After taking so much of the city the Germans stopped their advance allowing the Russians to start pushing back into the city. Eventually through airstrikes and fierce ground fighting the Russians took the city back as well as destroying the German 6th Army. This battle marked the beginning of the
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