Battered Women (C Grade)

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Battered Women Being in an abusive relationship is a tough situation to get out of. Elaine Weiss’ article titled, Lessons Learned from Survivors, explains how Elaine was in an abusive marriage, and after several tries, she eventually left. She explains that women leave all the time; they just need to gather up enough strength and courage to do it. On the other hand, Sadhbh Walshe’s article titled, The Double Imprisonment of Battered Women, states, “The law presumes that women who kill violently abusive partners had the option to walk away. In reality, it’s not so easy” (Walshe, S. 2012 para.1). Both writers seem to be very passionate about the subject they are writing about, although they do have some very different views. The views offered by both articles are differed by the expression and the emotion that is given through the readings of both of them. Throughout article#1 the writer gives the reader a sense that there are ways to get out of an abusive relationship. They may not always be easy, but they are still possible. She mentions possibilities such as; outside resources, YWCA, lawyers, and housing programs; therefore, even considering trying one of these options is a step in the right direction. She is specifically aiming her target audience toward women; however, the writer is also trying to persuade everyone, everywhere, to stand up and speak out against domestic violence. “When everyone joins together, it can be done” (Weiss, E. 2005 para.49). That way more lives might be changed. In contrast, article#2, writes almost as if to make the reader feel there is no hope except to murder the abuser. “In fact, women who leave their batterers are statistically more likely to be killed than women who stay” (Walshe, S. 2012 para.8). Also, if they try to leave, the abuser is just going to keep coming until they are dead. The writer here is also targeting women
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