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Pheobe Perez Batman and Odysseus An epic hero is a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements or affected by great events. Two good examples are Odysseus and Batman. Both of these heroic figures share many similar traits such as strengths and weaknesses. Signified a hero who is entirely mortal who was not embodied as a warrior, Odysseus relates significantly a lot to Batman. Both of these men are mortal yet are symbols of war and great power. These two men contribute a lot to their hometown. Bruce Wayne was not born a superhero nor was Odysseus. So how is it then that both of them are mortal, yet can be identified as godlike figures? In terms of their stories they may be completely human, but much like Odysseus their actions are not human like. Odysseus and Batman strengths are somewhat the same. Although they do not have superhuman strengths they are very powerful both physically and mentally. This is evident in both movies when batman is the…show more content…
Even though they are human they both are very wise in decision making. Both of them are also protectors to their home town and are basically held responsible for things, in my opinion I believe everyone looks up to them in their stories. Their actions aren’t human like, for example Odysseus was the only one who was able to return home safely from his journey. And Batman in the end survived the huge explosion that Bane (the villain) had set up in the city of Gotham. In conclusion Odysseus and Batman are both epic heroes. They have their similarities and differences but all in all I believe they are both just as strong. Even thought Batman might have an advantage since he was born in more modern days and has advanced technology such as gadgets, cars, helicopters and etc. But being that Odysseus was born way before Batman I think they’re just as

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