Batman Vs Beowulf

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How Batman and Beowulf Display heroism A hero is a person who doesn’t necessarily have any super powers or immunities to pain or death, but still puts their entire being into protecting the common folk just because it is the right thing to do and not for monetary gain. They also must know right from wrong and have the drive to move mountains if need be, heroes are people who have the courage to and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the well being and to protect the lives of the innocent. Two heroes that portray most of these ideals are Batman and Beowulf. Batman is a hero from the popular DC comic franchise whose true identity is unknown to the rest of Gotham but we know him as Bruce Wayne a billionaire who is the CEO of Wayne tech. As a boy his parents are killed in front of him by a mugger, this made Bruce want to clean up the city so no one would have to go through a horrific experience like his again. Beowulf is a very arrogant character from the epic Beowulf which was one of the only surviving tales from the dark ages. In the story Beowulf is searching for fame and glory which leads him o his adventures. Heroes don’t always need powers to fight or protect people. Batman or Bruce Wayne has no powers; instead he uses his money to build an arsenal of gadgets, tools, and weaponry that can be used where he lacks powers. He also trains in combat and uses his intellect and cunning along with skill, to fight crime in Gotham city. He is not immortal and has been shot, severely wounded, and beaten many times throughout the comic and movie series. Beowulf like Batman is a common person who has no powers and a very strong sense of honor; He uses his brute like strength and courage to fight his foes. When he fights his first opponent, Grendel, he displays his courage and honor by refusing to where armor or use a weapon because he wanted the fight

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