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Batman and the Dark Knights Heroes have always been a part of life. Any brave act committed by an individual we as people consider that heroic, because they have done a task not many would have done. In doing so, it makes them unique and special giving them the title of a hero. Heroes and Myths are commonly told in different cultures all over the world. Many of these mythical heroes come from old stories told and passed down from one generation to another. But as times changed, so does the story. Although the moral of the story usually does not change, simple things such as place and times do. This is because when people tell the story, they want to relate it to recent time, making it more interesting and realistic. In the Western Culture, there is a mythical hero called “Batman,” who taught our children to not give in to crime and to fight it. Many versions of this hero have been created since it was created in 1939 by two men named Bob Kane and Bill Finger. This superhero’s story has constantly been adjusting to fit the recent society we live in, even changing its name firm “The Batman” to “The Dark Knight.” As the story and the name changes, unfortunately, this mythical heroic message that is being told has also changed. Batman was created in 1939 as a hero with a tragic background. He was born into a rich family, and when he was a kid he saw his parents get murdered during a mugging. Growing up, he continued his family business, where he soon became a billionaire. But what he really wanted to do was to avenge his parent’s death. By doing so, he went to remote locations where he learned how to fight. Slowly, he overcame his fear and embraces it, soon becoming “The Batman” (Batman: The Dark Knight). He protected Gotham city and the citizens in it. But as this hero started to progress through the years and in to the 21st century, the image of Batman in 1939 is

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