Bathrooms, Is Male and Female Bathrooms Necessary

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Bathrooms, Is male and female bathrooms necessary We live in a segregated world. Many things are segregated the jobs that are allocated, our actions and the behaviors we portray to the world are all segregated in terms of our genders and the gender roles that which are accepted by our society as norms. Such genders that which hare central to our western societies are males and females, thus we as, people living in a predominantly heterosexual system are in turn favorable to the division of roles each gender is allocated, weather this is done consciously or unconsciously. Male and females or masculine and feminine; The segregation of gender and sex is often in many circumstances often trumps the segregation of race and class, that is not to say that the issues of race and class is not important, but that sex is often a defining factor and most often the first distinction we looks at when deciding simple to complex thoughts and impressions. One significant separation of sexes, which we encounter on a daily bias, which have become normalized that it is not questioned is the segregation of bathrooms. There are male and female bathrooms, as a majority of our public accommodations. The question them pose why is the segregation of sexes in public spaces such as bathrooms important, what privileges do this separation entails and what of the disadvantages? Some of the privileges we will explore is that of safety and of comfort levels one can often feel when performing private acts in public spaces with their own sex rather than the opposite, the disadvantages that we will explore is that of other genders that are not the norm of male or females. What of the people who do not identify with their assigned gender but rather with some other. Lastly we will explore the idea, of that is separated bathrooms, or is de-segregated bathrooms more proper for societal functions.

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