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Batek life style Merline Melidor Instructor: Bruce Carruthers: ANT101 Cultural Anthropology January 29, 2012 In the book of the headman was a woman Yeoh relives more than a woman being chiefdom. Every point has been be made from his or her studies, like the history, gander relation, and beliefs and value. This paper is place from my understanding about Batek history, gander relation and beliefs and value. This will conclude on how the Batek life style changes. Outline 1. Introduction Thesis Statement: The Batek has been able to hold the village, by their traditional beliefs and value where equal labor is taken place, and a peaceful home. The Batek has maintained their identity for many years. The gander relations with the Batek are highly egalitarian. So what really is the traditional lifestyle with the kinship, gender relation and beliefs and value deep inside the forest of Malaysia? 2. The history about Batek of Malaysia A. Foragers B. Batek life style 3. Gander relation A. Labor work B. Marriage 4. Beliefs and Values A. Shamans 5. Kinship 6. Conclusion A. Batek today B. Summary References Band Societies Author: Barbara Nowak, and Peter Laird Source: Cultural Anthropology, page 3.7 and 3.8 Earliest Phases in the Evolution of Sickness and Healing

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