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Welcome to the City of Bastrop, Hometown Louisiana-- a place where business is done by a handshake, where folks still wave to one another and say "how are you?" and where newcomers are welcomed with open arms. We are a place where the hunting, fishing, and outdoors that make Louisiana a Sportsman's Paradise are close at hand in the richness of Morehouse Parish. We are a place where history and culture meet progress and the living is easy, where the town square is still the hub of life and where folks take pride in making our community a better place. We are Bastrop, Morehouse Parish. We are Hometown Louisiana! Bastrop, the government seat of Morehouse Parish, is nestled in the northeast region of the state just 25 miles north of Monroe…show more content…
The intersection of present-day Madison and Washington streets, once known as the X Roads, became the site of the Morehouse Parish Courthouse in the place that became known as Bastrop in honor of Baron de Bastrop who first endeavored to establish settlements in the area. Bastrop was officially incorporatedin 1852. The 192-acre tract was purchased by the Morehouse Parish Police Jury and the area divided into lots with the public square, on which the courthouse sits, remaining for the benefit of the parish. The courthouse square was not only a gathering place for legal proceedings, but was also a social meeting place and was the hub of…show more content…
The square has seen revitalization in recent years. Most businesses have traded their outdated aluminum facades for the traditional fronts of the original buildings surrounding the square. Community activities such as Music on Main Street, a concert series on courthouse grounds, and Witch Way to Main Street, an annual Halloween trick-or-treat event for youth sponsored by businesses lining the square in mid-town Bastrop, have breathed new life into the courthouse square. Arguably the most visible and significant change is the 2002 renovation of the Morehouse Parish Courthouse itself. Both interior and exterior changes were noted, including, but not limited to, stained glass windows, hand-crafted wood detail, marble flooring and preservation of the plaster and brickwork. Bastrop is home to International Paper Company, which has for many decades remained a vital economic staple of the community. Education and healthcare are also noteworthy industries in Bastrop as well as retail businesses. Many technological advancements and social changes have occurred since the first family settled in the Bastrop area a little more than 200 years ago. While Bastrop stays on the forefront of this constant evolution, the community strives to preserve its small-town spirit--a spirit that inspires continued economic and civic growth and prosperity.

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