Bassa Nge in a Global Village Essay

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BASSA NGE IN A GLOBAL VILLAGE: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS IN THE NIGERIAN STATE ASAKA, DANJUMA SHEIDU TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The Nigerian State Brief History of Bassa Nge Bassa Nge Today CHAPTER TWO BASSA NGE AS AN ETHNIC MINORITY GROUP An Overview of Ethnic Minority Groups in Nigeria Concept of Ethnicity Bassa Nge in the Committee of Ethnic Groups in Nigeria CHAPTER THREE CONTEMPORARY DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES IN BASSA NGE LAND Concept of Development and Underdevelopment in Nigeria Development of Underdevelopment of Bassa Nge Land Poverty in Bassa Ngeland Illiteracy in Bassa Ngeland Agitation for Ganaja-Shintaku Bridge Development of Bassa Nge land: A “Within Us” Approach CHAPTER FOUR STATE OF INSTITUTIONS IN BASSA NGE LAND Education: A Forgotten Investment in Bassa Nge land Health Institutions: An Epitome of Dilapidated Structures in Bassa Nge land Agriculture: A Giant Employer in Bassa Nge land Sports: A Source of Self-Gainful Engagement Trading and Commerce: An Example of Closed Marketing System Infrastructure in Bassa Ngeland Bassa Nge Unions: Failing Associations in Bassa Ngeland An X-Ray of Bassa Nge Development Union (BNDU) The New Ugly Dimension of Bassa Nge Students’ Association (BNSA) CHAPTER FIVE BASSA NGE AND CONTEMPORARY NIGERIAN POLITICS The Concept of Politics The Place of Bassa Nge in the Politics of Kogi State The Political Space for Bassa Nges in Bassa Local Government Area

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