Basketball Life Not Just a Game

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Basketball: The Work Everyday Basketball player’s code: jumping, running, and shooting is what you need to be an efficient basketball player. Jumping; what goes into being able to jump and not be tired during a game? Running; how do you have enough endurance for a game? Shooting: how do you make yourself unstoppable? All this put together to make an unstoppable basketball player. Jumping , a key ability a basketball player must have, takes a lot of work. To be able to take all the jumping in a basketball game. Parallel squats are very important, they work out your quadriceps which are the main muscles used in jumping. Calf raises workout your calves by stretching them and tearing them to make them grow stronger. One main drill for jumping for game time is backboard jumps. This is where you get a weight vest and stand under the back board and jump and touch as high as you can on the backboard repeatedly. Jumping, which is a hard painful work out but is worth it when you dunk on a seven footer. Running, a player’s nightmare, is having to do suicides, sprints, and defensive drills for endurance in the game. Suicides are where you run to the free throw line, touch the ground, and run back and forth repeatedly. Sprints are not for the weak of heart, if you aren’t already tired enough from suicides you will be after sprints. Sprints are where you run from one side of the court and back as fast as you can. After all of that, there are defensive drills; which is where you bend down like sitting in a chair and slide across the court as fast as you can. If you are a player, when running comes to mind you think of all the hours of drills, but you remember the time you stole the ball because of defense, for chance of at game winner. Shooting, the most important part of basketball is where you throw the ball in the basket, more importantly how you score points. The
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