Basketball Jump Shot

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Description of Skill A. Name and description of skill- The skill that will be described is the basketball jump shot. In this skill the athlete will start in what is called the triple threat position. This is where the athlete is standing slightly on the balls of their feet with their feet shoulders width apart. Their knees should be bent with their back slightly bent over. Both hands should be holding the ball in front of the athlete with fingers gripping ball arms should be at sides with both elbows bent at 90 degrees. Neck should be neutral. When shooting ball the athlete should jump straight up in the air toes should be pointed downward. Legs and torso should be perpendicular with ground. Arms should be at forehead level with shoulder parallel to ground and elbows at 90 degrees. Hands are still holding ball and fingers are gripping it. Upon release of ball shooting hand should flick towards basket while arm is straight up in the air while non shooting arm should still be in the position of shoulder parallel with ground and elbow at 90 degrees. When shot is finished and athlete is landing they should land on the balls of their feet with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and slightly bent over. B. Primary purpose of skill- The purpose of this skill is to get the ball in the basketball in your offensive hoop without the defense blocking your shot. C. Break movement down into phases- The basketball jump shot can be broken down into three phases; the first phase being the triple step phase, the second phase is the jumping phase, and the third phase being the landing phase. D. Classify the skill- The classification of the basketball jump shot is that it is not necessary to maintain erect posture because in both your triple threat position, and landing position slight trunk flexion is required. What is needed is giving motion to an object and

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