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When it comes to the game of basketball heart and will matters more than talent. Even though talent makes the game easier some of the game’s greatest players weren’t the most talented but they had the most heart and will do to what it took to have success. It was towards the end of my freshman year and I decided to try out for my schools summer basketball team. I had never played organized basketball before. So the day of the tryouts came and I was so nervous that my game was off. I struggled through most of the drills that I thought there was no way I was going to make it. Then the time came for the scrimmages and I knew if I did well that maybe I would impress the coaches enough to make the team. The first scrimmage was 3 on 3 first to 15 wins. I happened to be the smallest guy on my team. The game started and I settled down enough to where I could play my game. I was battling guys who were much taller than me and I end the first scrimmage with 6 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. The final scrimmage was 5 on 5 first to 21 that game I had finished that game with 8 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Then the coach said that he would be posting the cuts the next day. The next day at school I was anxious to find out if I had made the team or not. I sat in all my classes that day just wondering if I had proved myself or not. At the end of school the list was posted on the gym door. All the guys were huddled around the list like a pack of wolves surrounding their pray. I stayed in the back acting as if I did not want to see but deep down I was bursting with anticipation. I let the group disperse a little bit before I looked. I looked up and down the list to see if I had been cut my name wasn’t on it. When I looked at what team I was going to be on it was the JV team. I felt like I had just won the NBA championship. That would soon change because at

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