Basics to Home Pc Security Essay

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| Basics To Home PC Security | | | | | Andrew Wayne | 2/23/2012 | | Computer security is one the most essential things to have when owning a computer. Today, computers are in everyone’s home or business. These computers can help manage daily tasks such as appointment reminders, managing bank accounts, shopping, and paying bills. Computers have become a must for most people in today’s society but owning a computer is just a part of the bigger picture. Maintaining the computer and making sure that it is secure is the other major factor in owning a computer. Not taking care of your computer could have a major catastrophic result in one’s life. To help in keeping a situation like this from happening software developers have implanted security protocols in all of their operating systems. The reasons for having a strong security presence in home computers are because of valuable information that a home computer contains. Many of these computers could store information about bank accounts, credit card information, private emails, or other sensitive information that could a negative impact on a person’s life if this information was compromised. These security programs are made to withstand many attacks but the first line of defense lies within the user themselves. To make sure that your home computer is safe, it is best that the user is somewhat educated in simple security. One way to having good computer security is knowing what kinds of threats are out there waiting. When you know what types of viruses there are, you will have an idea as to how to best protect yourself from them. In today’s world there are very many different types of viruses, there are the file infector virus, direct action virus, and the macro virus. These are some of the viruses out there and of these viruses each of them are equally as dangerous to the system. The file

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