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Joe smith Expository writing Mrs. Bagchi 22 January 2009 Opposites in a family There are all types of personalities in this world. One type of personality in our society is people who are spontaneous. Spontaneous people do things and make choices based on opportunities. Another type of personality is a determined and devoted person. The people that are devoted work very hard to accomplish their goals. On the other end of the spectrum, some people are laid back and just takes the rolls that life throws at them. I have three brothers, Ken, Jaime and Chris, and they all have their own different personalities. My oldest brother ken is the spontaneous personality in the family. He has always had this type of personality. One reason why he is spontaneous is that he joined the marines. Ken joined the marines because somebody told him about the marines and the benefits they have to offer. So he enlisted although, ken is spontaneous Jaime is determined and devoted. Jaime has always been determined ever since I can remember. Anything he has ever wanted Jaime found a way to get it. Whether he had to work for it or just butter up our parents to get it. But Jaime can be a little too determined at times, like the time he just had to play this game until he beat it. If he weren’t like that he would not be himself. The last personality would be laid back. The laid back personality in our family would go to my little brother Chris. He takes life as it comes to him. He pretty much just rolls with the punches of life and goes with the flow. I noticed that he had this type of personality when he was around the age of ten years old. When he was ten he was always wanted to do stuff with his friends, but was never the first one to jump up and start an activity. Also when he was ten, he was always lazy, never wanting to do any of his chores around the house. Even though

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