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Basic Processes This paper is going to discuss how the physiological process of reproduction differs among bacteria, grasshoppers, fish, and bears. First we will discuss how a bacterium reproduces. Bacteria produce asexually which means they have no sex organs. A single strand of DNA from the bacteria copies itself and attached to the cell membrane this is called binary fission. Once the strands of DNA that are attached to the cell membrane grow the cell membrane starts to go inward. A cell wall grows between the two strands of DNA and then they detach from the cell membrane to make two identical cells (Bailey, 2009). Next we will discuss how grasshoppers reproduce. Grasshoppers reproduce by the male grasshopper injecting its sperm into a female grasshopper’s vagina. During the summer the female will bury her eggs underground in a stray row then the female grasshopper will spray them with a stick substance which turns the eggs into pods.…show more content…
Bears reproduce like humans do a male bear ejaculated his sperm into the female bear usually right before time to hibernate. After the female bear gives birth she stays with her cubs for a little less than two years then they all split up and the female goes off again to reproduce with another male bear (North American Bear Center, 2008).   References Animal Corner (2003-2009). Grasshopper Life Cycle. Retrieved April 14, 2009, from Bailey, R. (2009). Bacterial Reproduction. Retrieved May 14, 2009, from California seafood council (2007). How Do Fish. Retrieved May 15, 2009, from North American Bear Center (2008). Reproduction. Retrieved May 15, 2009, from

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