Basic Pc Troubleshooting Essay

1153 Words5 Pages How to do basic PC troubleshooting on your own A. General Tech Troubleshooting Checklist Is the computer turned on? Is the computer plugged in? Is the power strip turned on and plugged in? Is the keyboard working? If not, see Keyboard Troubleshooting Checklist. Troubleshooti Is the mouse working? If not, see Mouse Troubleshooting Checklist. Are all cables and cords securely connected at both ends? - Turn off the computer, unplug cables and plug them back in. Is the computer frozen? Did the computer crash? If so, see Freezes and Crashes crash? Troubleshooting Checklist. Is the temperature in the room where the computer sits more than 80 degrees? If so, wait until the room is at a cooler temperature and see if the problems persist. Generally, the hotter a room, the more likely a computer is to malfunction. , Has new hardware or software been installed recently? If so, there could be a conflict. Contact Simplebit Tech Support ( Note what happens before and during the problem and include that information when you information contact us. B. Power Troubleshooting Checklist Is the computer plugged into the electrical outlet? ed If a power strip is being used, is it turned on? (There is usually a light that shows that the light power strip is turned on.) Is the power strip working properly? (If possible, try another one to be sure.) Is the electrical cord/cable securely plugged into the computer? Is the computer turned on? C. Freezes and Crashes Troubleshooting Checklist When a freeze or crash occurs, try to move the mouse. If the mouse responds when it is moved, the computer is not frozen, it is not responding to the selected application. Push the keystroke combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete. If a dialog box appears, highli highlight the program’s name and then End Task for the application that is not responding. If Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't

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