Basic Life Cycle Of Company's Technology Essay

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Enterprise Technology Life Cycle The Enterprise Technology Life Cycle (ETLC) for company XXX is a 9- step process from cradle (Watch and Research) to grave (Disinvest and Obsolete). The key step is Invest, which indicates a point in time that a new technology is ready for deployment within the enterprise and/or mission critical systems. The next most important step is Disinvest, which indicates a point in time that an existing technology needs to be phased out from use in campus enterprise and/or mission critical systems. At any point in time along the lifecycle, a technology can be considered Vetoed if it is determined to not meet organizational needs. Examples of enterprise and/or mission critical systems that are expected to follow ETLC guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following: • Business Applications (email, calendaring, employee information systems, financial systems, on-line electronic payment systems, payroll and human resources systems, asset management applications, etc.)
 • Enterprise identity management infrastructure (authentication, authorization, directory services, master person data management • Network infrastructure (hardware purchases, wireless expansions, network applications)
 • Information management applications (enterprise data warehouse, reporting and analysis tools, imaging and document management systems, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, etc.) • Any tools used to develop or maintain enterprise and/or mission critical systems, including modeling tools, version control and change management systems, issue tracking or ticketing systems, testing tools, etc. The ETLC is maintained by the Enterprise Architecture Team with oversight from the XXXX (could be a CTO, CIO, a committee, a board, etc.) DEFINITIONS • Life cycle - The period of time during which information technology

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