Baseball No Longer America's Pastime

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Word Count: 1761 Baseball No Longer Our National Pastime The batter digs in, pitcher gets his sign and delivers the pitch and crack there’s a deep drive back back back back gone a home run. A familiar sound slowly fading away in the ears of Americans. The reason for Baseball’s downfall is the rise of the National Football League, baseball’s showmanship, and the length of the game, today’s fans wanting a faster more action packed sport. Baseball a game loved by millions and millions of Americans, lately has seemed to be taking a backseat to other sporting events and television programs. The teams and the organization’s are not the only one’s affected by this. Merchandisers are also affected by the loss of interest in the fans, thus causing diminished sales of merchandise and apparel. The lost interest in fans plays a major role to sponsors of Major League Baseball due to the rapid decline of viewers during televised games. According to Will Van Wazer’s article, “National Pastime No More,” The MLB in the 1970’s and 80’s were the leaders in professional sports with national sponsors. In today’s game they now are second behind the NFL. Sponsors and Merchandiser’s are not the only one’s affected with Baseball no longer being America’s Pastime. Newspapers has also taken a hit. During the 50’s 60’s and 70’s the Sunday paper more likely than not would dedicate a page or two, to MLB stats and standings. This is no longer the case. Players and cities that host the MLB teams are also affected by the decline of support for the sport. Many players when their contract is up will sign with another team due to the lack of fan support. This causes even more of a drop in ticket revenue. Teams and their organizations would then have to resort to relocating in a bigger demographic. This not only affects MLB teams and players but also high schools and recreational teams. Many

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