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Clayten E. Fields August 30, 2009 Rough Draft Essay 1 Baseball Teaches Valuable Lessons Participating in an organized sport such as baseball is the one of the best ways to acquire valuable lessons that can be relevant in everyday life. What is a lesson? A lesson, defined by Encarta encyclopedia, is a material to be taught to or studied. Baseball instills imperative life lessons, such as discipline through fundamentals and practice. Ethics, morals and etiquette are obtained when one participates in a constructive sport like baseball. Sometimes one season of baseball is enough to teach valuable lessons such as discipline, teamwork, reverence and respect. Discipline is a crucial lesson one learns in baseball to put to…show more content…
Pitching requires accuracy obtained through an acceptable pattern of trained physical behavior and, if used correctly, defines strikeouts and homeruns. Pitching teaches control, patience, and discipline in order for a team to win. Yogi Berra, a major league baseball player, once said “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over”. Failure and resilience are inevitable in everyday life, and baseball teaches these lessons throughout a process of wins and losses referred to as a season, and are acquired as a…show more content…
It is a requirement that at the end of each game both teams line up and slowly walk past shaking hands and congratulating one another on the game just played, whether they won or lost. I remember saying the Lord’s Prayer before a huge game as a team, and enduring a loss after putting my heart in the game. Telling an opponent “good game”, and shaking their hands after incurring a loss really teaches one how to be respectful. Respect is a lesson vital to learn in life, and is taught in baseball on a daily basis. Respect and reverence are lessons one needs to learn to be able to operate successfully in a business, especially when working with figures of authority such as a boss. Baseball teaches that even modestly taking orders and even receiving punishment are stressful or difficult situations, but need to be handled in a calm controlled behavior. The respected sport, baseball, teaches lessons that are priceless and

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