Baseball Is Better Than Football

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Myles Young English 101 F Mrs.Hooven 23 April 2013 Baseball is better than Football Going to the ballpark is a total experience and much more fulfilling than going to the gridiron for a football match. In the first place, the weather is better, warmer, and certainly more conducive to sitting outside. (Baseball's seasonal arc is certainly more compelling: it begins in spring when life returns, continues through the hot summer, and ends in October when the leaves fall and nature goes dormant. It's the one sport whose season mimics the human life cycle, which might be why it produces so much good literature.) The food is invariably better, and you don't have to try eating your hotdog with gloves on. I can't quantify it, but the atmosphere at the ballpark always seems more relaxed, more welcoming. Perhaps it's the rhythms of the players warming up and throwing the ball to each other, or the satisfying crack of the bat during BP that creates such a vibe. And yet this experience is considerably more affordable than going to an NFL game and watching a bunch of genetic (and pharmacological) freaks beat the living crap out of each other. Also, unless you're in the press box, it's impossible to see all the action on the field at a football game. Baseball’s worst parks are better than football’s best. If you’ve ever spent an evening at Dodger Stadium, you’d understand. It’s both tranquil and energizing if one place can be both. If you’re really lucky, you’ll someday stand on the right-field concourse at AT&T Park and admire the view of the bay, the odor of garlic fries, & the majesty of the place. Baseball has a long history, deeper and more rich than any other sport. The lore of baseball dates back for well more than a century. While football fans generally have memories that focus on their fantasy team highs and lows, baseball fanatics' lives are

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