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Baseball for peanuts: ballpark deals In today’s day and age the expense for baseball has increased in New York for new Yankee stadium and city field. Both ballparks are loaded with top-notch restaurants and other accommodations for the fans. The problem is that everywhere else in major League baseball may face a recession. Now that the economy is going through turbulent times major league baseball is seeing a decrease in sponsorship, GM cutting their funds. Although there were record breaking income for the MLB they don’t expect to see the same high revenue this up coming summer. This is evident because ten of baseballs thirty teams have cut ticket prices, six more have risen prices by less then 1%, certain teams are discounting tickets, and most surprising Yankee seats have gone un-sold. Certain teams are facing such tuff economic times that they are going to extreme lengths to bring in fans, for example there cutting concessions to bring in more people. For example the pirates are holding “Buck Night,” Pirates fans can by a ticket, a hot dog and a soda for $1 apiece. The Arizona Diamondbacks are offering 675” All You Can Eat Seats” every game. For $30 to $35, you get all the dogs, Peanuts, popcorn, Pepsi and Frito Lays. On the other hand certain clubs are excelling in box office sales. The average player salary, though likely to be flat, remains at about $3.25 million, which is pretty good when you’re merely average. Certain stadiums are having so much trouble bringing in attendance, Detroit Tigers faced the lowest crowd to barely bringing in 12,000 people, and beer wasn’t helping at all. Baseball brought in a record $6.5 billon last season, up and more than 6% from 2007; attendance was 78.6 million, close to a record. Nobody in baseball management expects those kinds of numbers this summer. To make matters worse the Toronto Blue Jays played nearly at a

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