Bartolome De Las Casas Analysis

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Response paper #1 In history around 1493 it is documented that Native Americans as well as Africans, were enslaved and brought to Spain. During this time it was not abnormal for Christians or royal leaders to mistreat the natives, while enslaved. One man who contributed to inflicting horrible deeds, during this unjust period, was a man named Bartolome De Las Casas. In the book The Norton Anthology it is quoted “….in the Spain of 1493, neither Casas nor anyone else had time to reflect on the moral implications of the pageant taking place before their eyes. Going to Hispaniola himself in 1502 as a member of new royal governor’s party, Casas soon was participating eagerly in the exploitation of the natives”(35). In his writing History of the Indies he states, “went about his concerns like the others, sending his share of Indians to work fields and gold mines, taking advantage of them as much as he could”. Around 1515 after becoming a priest, Casas writes about his moral blindness in this period…show more content…
This writing was so detailed in the horrible mistreatments of the slaves that, he began to be accused of treason of his own country. His brutal descriptions of the slave’s treatment seem to prove his motives positive. It seems that he wants others to be disgusted by these wrong doings, just as he was. It is said in his writing, The Very Relation of the Devastation of the Indies, “And the Christians, with their horses and swords and pike began to carry out massacres and strange cruelties against them. They attacked the towns and spared neither the children nor the aged nor pregnant women nor women in childbed, not only stabbing them and dismembering them but cutting them into pieces as if dealing with sheep in the slaughter house”(37). These and many other disturbing descriptions of this period is what made people began to change their views as
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