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The Cruel ways of the Spaniards In “A Brief Account of the Destruction,” Bartolome Las Casas vividly describes how the Spaniards first came to the new world and ended up destroying nearly all the native populations of the Caribbean and Mexico. Bartolome Las Casas was a Spanish priest, social reformer, and historian. He is known as the principal organizer and champion of the 16th-century movement in Spain and Spanish America in defense of the Indians. In 1502, Las Casas sailed to Espanola in the expedition of Governor Nicolas de Ovando. While in the West Indies, he participated in Indian wars and acquired land and slaves. Although, he had been ordained as a priest he didn’t find anything wrong with his actions. I believe the horrific actions he witnessed while in the West Indies made him realize that his previous actions were not acceptable nor were the Spaniards actions towards the natives. He realized that the people he once enslaved were human as well and were more than capable of believing and practicing the Christian faith. He hoped that by keeping documentation of his experiences would one day lead to the royal administration having sympathy for the Natives and establishing laws to protect them. In his essay, Las Casas describes the Spaniards as mean and vindictive people who preyed on the weak-minded Indians. For example, when the Christians first arrived the Indians viewed them as heaven sent people but they soon realized that they were everything but heaven sent. The Christians targeted everyone from children to pregnant women and even the ruler’s families. In my opinion, he portrayed the Indians as the complete opposite. They were meek, humble, and patient people who would do anything to help others. However, the Spaniards invaded several different places especially the six kingdoms in the Island of Hispaniola. These kingdoms were either rich in gold or

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