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APFCC Area of Psychology: Cognitive Psychology Title of Study: Study of Reconstructive Memory |Researchers: Bartlett |Year: 1932 | Aims: To investigate the effects of schemas on participants’ recall. Aimed to test his own schema theory, which states that memory involves an active reconstruction at the time of recall. Procedures: Repeated Production. - 20 English participants took part in a natural experiment. - Participants were presented with a range of stimuli, including different stories and line drawings. - Repeated reproduction method was used as participants were asked to reproduce the stimulus they had seen repeatedly at different time intervals ( the time interval varied between days, months and even years. - The story used as stimuli was called ‘The War of the Ghosts’ ( This story was selected because it was from a different culture (North American Indian) ( which would conflict with the participants’ prior knowledge contained in their schemas. - The participants’ story reproductions were analysed in order to assess the distortions produced. Findings & Conclusions: Findings. - There were considerable distortions in the participants’ recollections. - The distortions increased over successive recalls ( most of these reflected the participants’ attempts to make the story more like a story from their own culture that they have heard of before. - Changes from the original included: 1- Rationalisations ( these make the story more logical and consistent (coherent) as the story was shortened and phrases changed to be more similar to their own language in the final recall. 2- Flattening ( failure to recall unfamiliar details. Example: The Ghosts and certain names such as ‘Edulac’. 3- Sharpening ( elaboration of certain

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