Barrio Boy By Ernesto Galarza

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Part 1 – In a Mountain Village (pp. 1-79) A) Part one, of the book Barrio Boy by Ernesto Galarza is about a family in a village named Jalco. The book begins talking about the only street, Jalcocotán in their very small village located in the mountains of the coast range of western Mexico. This street is important because every pueblo (house) in Jalco is on this street and anything that happens is done on Jalcocotán. In Ernesto’s pueblo there are his cousin’s Jesus and Catarino, his mother, uncle’s Gustavo and Jose, Don Catarino, and aunt Esther. His Father, Don Ernesto stayed in Miramar when the family moved to Jalco and they divorced due to he was Lutheran and his mother was Catholic. There was an agreement between them that the ring and sewing machine was to be kept by Ernesto’s mother and it was meant to make their lives easier. Every morning there was a routine which is done the same way every day. The town has live news so they are warned on what to expect. There were soldiers coming through their village and searching every house because they wanted to take young boys and recruit them. The family decided to go to Tepic where a house and job was set in stone for them and things would be more stable. They traveled there and slept one night at a very generous home until they were ready to head into Tepic. B) In the story Barrio Boy, Why does Ernesto’s mother take the piggy bank and wallet and place them in the hallow whole under the geranium planted in a five-gallon tin instead of taking both items with them to Tepic, and why does she have Ernesto help her trusting that he will not tell anyone about it? What exactly was in the wallet and piggy bank and was it in great value? Why did Ernesto’s mother trust that this hiding spot would never be found and what would she do if the family settled in Tepic and did not have intensions on returning back to Jalco? In that

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