Barrio Boy Essay

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The book is about the Ernesto Galarza who comes from a poor small village named Jalco. The village is so small that their only street is nameless. The village is in the forested area of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in western Mexico. The main character as a small boy has to move away form his village because of the Mexican revolution in 1911. So he and his mother have to flee north to live with their relatives as the revolution gets more intense and they have to race against time to avoid getting in the crossfire. During the beginning of the book life in the village is talked about. Ernesto describes the sub-culture of the village as being synonymous like a family. He mentions all the adults watch over him like they are his parents chastising him when he does something wrong. The members share items in the village ,for instance there is only one cow so they share the milk of the cow for special occasions. Since everyone doesn't have much they put their resources together to help one another. He describes the personalities of his friends and family in the village and what their importance is. The men in the village work in the fields and bring food home while the woman and children cook and clean the house. Since the Mexican government was reluctant to give them a school in the village the parents, especially Ernesto, was taught by his parents basic math and language skills. He mentions the interaction that his people have with nature and their history giving a background story how the village came into being. As the book progresses conflict is introduced into the story when a boy dies. Then after this event the book's plot starts to form leading to the introduction of the Mexican revolution.The setting changes when the military comes into the village to look for young recruits for their army this causes his mother leave their village, Jalco

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