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Barries of Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: ShinAkiba
  • on November 9, 2012
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* Different language- it can be a barrier because it will be made to the people who talking when someone is come from any different country. For example if a doctor can’t actually tell a patient's condition of how s/he get sick so this can be a barriers, so the doctor can try to use translator to translate for them.

  * Afraid- this can be a barrier because a people afraid to talk to each other it will be a barrier because the person don’t know how to describe their feeling or maybe they shy talk to each other so u can’t understand how their feeling. For example a nurse try to talk to the patient but the patient doesn’t reply. The nurse can try to ask about how their feeling and try to look their emotion what is going.

  * Feeling sad-this can be a barrier because a person who sad s/he will make s/he head down and try to ignore what you say. If a nurse tell a family of the patient condition that maybe is a bad news so their family will sad but the nurse maybe can comfort the family and tell them the doctor can try to help you cure him/her back.

  * Cannot concentrate- this can be a barrier because a people doesn’t concentrate what you saying. If a patient is not comfortable and try to tell a nurse then the nurse not concentrate what the patient say, so the nurse want to concentrate the patient say and don’t think anything.

  * Poor sight-this can be a barriers because a person who had poor eyes sight the people will can’t actually see what happen .if a nurse give a blank form to fill but the patient can’t actually then the nurse can be patient and read it out to s/he.

  * Noise- this can be a barrier because a people who talk to you and somebody actually hear each other saying. If a nurse try to talk to a patient condition to their family and somebody are make noise or disturb so they can’t exactly hear but the nurse can be patient and polite to tell her/his family again or maybe can take their family to the other room and discuss the patient...

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