Barriers to Information and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations Essay

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BARRIERS TO INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE SHARING IN ORGANIZATIONS By, Neileswar Anil Kumar G1402300D School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Introduction “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. This was once quoted by Steve Jobs a few years back and we can very much see this in various corporations and organizations. This shows how much corporate intelligence is important in today’s world not only for an organization to make great products but also to survive in highly competitive markets. Organizations have started realizing the importance of Information or Knowledge Management. Proper usage of Knowledge Management would prove highly beneficial for the organization. One of the key aspects of Knowledge Management is Knowledge Sharing. Information and knowledge cannot stay stagnant and needs to propagate correctly for it to be used properly. Even though it sounds simple, that has never been the case as knowledge sharing has always had barriers of various types. A few research papers, articles and online resources were read and below you can find a description of various barriers. Towards the end of each categories a few points on means of minimizing these barriers have also been mentioned. Barriers in Information and Knowledge Sharing The authors of the various articles that have taken into consideration here for this report, have identified numerous potential barriers to Information and Knowledge Sharing (hereafter referred to as sharing). The authors have both taken reference from other studies and conducted tests with the same in order to understand the barriers deeper or have started from scratch and conducted tests to understand the barriers. The tests were conducted with individuals in various organization and organizations as a whole. The authors have identified numerous barriers to

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