Barriers to Effective Communication Essay

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Barriers to Effective Communication CJA/304 09-30-13 Barriers to Effective Communication Communication plays a big role in our day-to-day lifestyles. Without communication everything would be a mess and no one would understand each other. Everything would be done extremely inefficiently, because of the lack of sharing of thoughts (Hollenbeck, 2010). There would be no order or organization to society and would therefore fail to function. The Process of Communication and its components The process of communication involves two or more people and is primarily used for the exchanging of information (Wallace & Roberson, chapter 02, 2009). One comes up with a thought or idea that he or she wants the other to know and transfers it to the other by one of the components of communication. The components of communication include verbal, paraverbal, and nonverbal (Windle & Warren, (n.d)). Once the other receives the information through the use of a component the information is then evaluated. Finally, when the information is successfully evaluated feedback will be sent back to the original messenger for effective communication. If the message has not been understood or heard it is considered to be ineffective and no or relevant feedback will be given. There are many reasons to why a message may be ineffective, one of these reasons may be because the message was not heard or the receiver heard but did not understand. Differences between listening and hearing in communication Hearing is simply the act of perceiving sound by the ear, where listening involves concentration of the speaker and understanding what is being said (Treuer, 2011). If one is not making sense or understanding what is being said to him or her than there is a lack of communication and he or she is only hearing. For example, Patty is an attorney whose mother has recently passed
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