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Name- Khan Rizwan Course-Eng 209 Prof- N. Ades Date- February 24, 2011 Barriers Of Cultural Communication
 In today’s fast paced world of different cultures there are chances to misinterpret communication at various levels. The verbal as well as non-verbal communication implies different meanings between cultures. Therefore, I agree with author LaRay M. Barna’s views in the article, “Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks”, she explains in the article about five stumbling blocks that should be understood and considered in order to eradicate the communication gap creating cultural differences. In my view, the two major stumbling blocks or barriers to cross cultural communications are language and nonverbal signs. At the same time, I disagree with the views of Robert Levine and Ellen Wolff’s in the essay,” Social Time: The Heartbeat of Culture “, that time determines culture and pace of life. Language is the most integral part of every culture, and it is an essential factor that determines communication pattern and perception of people. Language comprises of vocabulary, syntax, idioms, slang, dialects and so on, and all these language elements are of different meanings in different cultures. For example, I am a Indian student, once I went to Mc Donald’s restaurant in US and asked the vendor to take my order for food as ‘parcel’, but he did not understood what I was trying to say. Later my friend explained me that ‘parcel’ in the US slang means ‘to go’ or to ‘take away’, and this thing made me clear that how language has differences in its usage and interpretation. In addition, Barna on verbal misunderstandings says: “The reason the problem is “worse” is because each thinks he understands” (Barna 69). I agree, because even when two people think that they can communicate with each other without knowing their languages, the chances of errors are extremely

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