Barriers Essay

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For this week’s topic Barriers to Effective Communication for a team/leader we have chosen communication apprehension as our barrier or "social anxiety" where individuals experience uncalled-for anxiety or tension with verbal or written communication or maybe the both at some point or time while trying to communicate with other people. We might find it difficult at times to speak to other people either on phone or face-to-face and we might get anxious when we have to use the phone that has us relying on notes when the call may be much faster and more appropriate then in person. The psychological response becomes emotional /physical when our body responds to this sort of threat they our mind might perceive as just talking normal with friends. We cannot make a distinction between emotional and physical reactions so we act like the world might end at this moment. Our mind and body cannot circulate enough adrenal to our body so that we can shift into overdrive, in preparing us so we can function at our full physical capabilities, which is also known as the "fight or flight" response. We believe that this barrier is embedded into our minds; we must first understand how we can handle more our body's response to stress, if somehow an individual can develop better tools so that we can manage our mind and body's ill-advised attempts that can help people cope with the fear of social judgment. For the team, we all have definitely experienced this in our life. We feel that we are very well spoken, but when it comes to having to speak to a group of people, some members of the team may freeze and feel as if we cannot do it. We are people who like to avoid conflict, which means that even though we know speaking on the phone or face-to-face is the best way to communicate, often we would rather send an email and handle things that way but as leaders or in a team we must all learn

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