Barriers Essay

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There are several areas of diversity that make me uncomfortable age, sexual orient even the mentally disable/challenged. But what upset’s me the most is racism. I just don’t understand how in 2013 this could really exist. I was raised as a military brat so I have traveled a lot through out my life. I’ve met people of all different nationally. We all have different cultures that are unique in our way. I’ve learn that each person is designed to be different to balance the human race. This experience alone has lead me to say that America is the worst. This is the land of the free however we treat other as if they aren’t. I was taught that all people are the same no matter the color of there skin and those who may treat me and others differently are ignorant. The blame could be put on friends, family or even the media. I personally think it is a learned behavior. I really don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, Hispanic or mulism racism is still racism. We have to change all racist peoples’ mindset. Why does this bother me so much? Several reasons, I feel people should not be judged by the color of their skin or how they may look. I also believe it is horrible and wrong to be so offensive to people that are different from us. As moral, social and intelligent beings, I would hope that our judgment of other fellow beings should be based on their behavior, not simply their looks. Racism is a type of general judgment that is based on a person's looks and appearances. Also, it is a type of judgment that groups people solely on the basis of one's appearance. I say this, and some may disagree, but racism can/does exist among people of one country. For instance, where I was raised, there was a general preference towards people with lighter skin color and hair, even though they were technically within the same race/ethnicity. To me, this is just shallow and stupid, as

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