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This commentary will be used to help everyone to understand what Barrier nursing means and the reason for preventing the spread of infection. However I will be discussing the national and local policies influencing the experiencing of health and social care in nursing. I will also explain the concept of professionalism in accordance with nursing and midwifery council’s (NMC) professional code of conduct (NMC 2009).

According to the Department of Health (2004), they explained that the term "barrier nursing" is given to a method of nursing care that has been used for over one hundred years when caring for a patient known or thought to be suffering from a contagious disease such as open pulmonary tuberculosis. However there are two types of infection control barrier and isolation nursing (Garner 1996). In the UK hospital infection rates are higher than the average. In an attempt to reduce rates of infection the Department of Health produced a national strategy to tackle it (DH 2003, 2005). The strategies are based on best practice evidence, such as; adequate systems and policies for surveillance, strict anti-biotic prescribing policies, and clear procedures for isolating infection and being actively involved in raising awareness of infection prevention strategies (The royal Marsden 2007). This was set out by the NMC (2004) and the DOH (2003), it is the responsibility of every health care provider to keep up to date with effective infection control policies and procedures both personally and in terms of patients. As part of the Department of Health strategy and the National Patients Safety Agency a range of campaigns have been launched (DH, 2005; NPSA 2005) to provide guidance on effective and safe practice in infection control, including correct disposal of sharps, safe handling and disposal of waste and spills, good hand hygiene

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