Barrack Obama Inagural Address Essay

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Barack Obama is arguably one of the most adept public speakers the United States has ever had. He assumed head office on the 20th of January 2009 and in his inaugural address he proves his ability to connect with the audience, his leadership, modesty and hope for the American people. In the opening line, Obama says “My fellow citizens”. This automatically establishes a clear relationship with his audience by unifying them and addressing them as a whole rather than being vague as to who he’s talking to and including himself as one of the citizens. There is a pause after this as he lets the audience linger on what his next words will be. Obama uses many emotive words and techniques in this speech and uses accessible and appropriate vocabulary to impress his rivals and ease the minds of the audience by subconsciously reassuring them he know what he’s doing. He says “mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.” This satisfies the patriotic Americans by mentioning the history within the nation and the line of descent between each American family. He then goes on to thank President Bush for “his service to our nation” revealing his generosity to the public and to Bush. When he says “our” it implies that he means jointly taking on leadership, emphasising the united feeling again which is the principle meaning behind the words of his address. In the second paragraph Obama rekindles the patriotic views by saying “Forty-four Americans” referring to the forty four Presidents of the United States all of whom have taken the oath bestowed upon them creating a nostalgic feeling and sense of pride in their nation. Two of the common rhetoric devices Obama uses frequently is antithesis and metaphors. For instance “rising tides of prosperity and still waters of peace.” This creates a very heavenly picture in our minds of peace and calm. He gives the nation hope but still

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