Baroque Art Essay

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[pic] [pic] Pablo Marín Vera 4ºB [pic] Baroque is an artistic style that was born in Italy and was spread to all Europe, it has a special importance in Spain and Spanish American. The term Baroque is used to describe the art, sculpture, architecture and music in the period between the years 1600 to 1750. It is also defined as the period between the end of Renaissance and the beginning of Neoclassicism, although between Renaissance and Baroque it was interspersed another great stylistics stage called Mannerism. Besides, at the end of Baroque came up another interesting stage, Rococo, connected to Baroque but in an extreme way, with a lot of interest and care on the characteristics of the period. The word Baroque comes from the Portuguese, and means “fake jewellery” or “irregular pearl”. The term refers to something impure, a deception, and a caprice of the nature and the extravagance of the thought. During Baroque, the European Catholic Church needed to react against a large number of revolutionary cultural movements that caused a new science and religion dissident inside the dominant Catholicism: THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION. It was the aesthetic expression of the Counter-Reformation. On one hand the Protestant Church constructed buildings for the pray in a sobriety way and without decoration, on the other hand The Catholic Church use the baroque’s grandiosity and complexity. Considering the last point, most of the Baroque’s characteristics were determined by Religion. The Catholic Church was one of the most important and more influent sponsors, trying to stop the quick diffusion of Protestantism and reflect on his works a clear propagation of faith. This means that the most represented subject was Religion. Baroque’s characteristics were: • Sense of
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