Baroque And Classical Music Essay

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To a normal ear, Baroque music and Classical music sound the same. In reality, the style of the two is totally different. The obvious similarity between the two is that they are both music. Baroque music and Classical music all revolved around a similar harmonic structure. The use of a counterpoint structure was used continually throughout both eras. Counterpoint was when a composer used two separate melodies and put them together to make a unique sound. The two types of music continued to use sonatas, symphonies, and concertos. Both types of music revolved around the new styles of architecture, and showed through the compositions of various composers. Both eras had string quartets, orchestras, operas, and soloists. Vocal music mostly stayed the same. Vocalists were used heavily throughout both periods. The two periods both used string and wind instruments, as well. The first difference in the two would be the time period. Baroque music was used from 1600 to 1750, whereas Classical music was used from 1750 to 1820. Baroque music was usually for smaller, chamber ensembles, but still used larger ensembles and classical music was for larger ensembles. The Classical ensembles were mainly used to show the virtuosity of certain performers, while Baroque ensembles showed skill of all performers. Classical music was much more technical, and Baroque music was more minimalist and left more room for the performers to take liberty. Baroque music was characterized by highly rhythmic notation with little variations in dynamic. Classical music was characterized by strong, elegant, and poetic notation, without the large chord structures. Baroque styles were very inconsistent throughout its time, whereas Classical music was somewhat consistent. The Baroque era had a darker sound, whereas the Classical era had lighter sound. Baroque music used bass line melodies, unlike the
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