Barn Burning Essay

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In the Barn Burning by William Faulkner the main character Abner Snopes has a serious issue where he tends to burn buildings down, especially barns. Snopes and his family had to move twelve times and on their last move it changed their family forever. After getting kicked out of their town for burning a barn, even though the town had no evidence, they moved to where Major De Spain was Abner’s new boss. When Abner and his family moved to their new house, Abner and his son Sarty went to pay a visit to Major De Spain’s house where his wife, Lula De Spain, recognized Abner and insisted they leaves her home. The De Spain household is extravagant and simply lovely, while the Snope’s home was nothing of the sorts and cold and put together with mud and sticks. It was perceived that Abner was jealous of the De Spain’s and mad that he was doing the same sort of work the black men had to do before the war, farming. Abner had been in the war for many years and it is an extremely strong possibility to that is how Lula De Spain had recognized Abner, from him and her husband being in the war together. Although when Lula sees Abner her words are cold and seem a bit scared, so her husband Major De Spain could be the reason why Abner is no longer in the military and he could somehow be responsible for Abner now being an arsenic. When the Snope’s arrived to the new house, abner new exactly where the De Spain’s residence was and appeared that he wanted revenge and was jealous of the life style they had, which is why he rewinded their rug. In the end Abner ends up burning the De Spain barn down and getting the revenge that he was been looking

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