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etzer April 17, 2012 CMP 120 F1 Barn Burning In “Barn Burning” a story written by William Faulkner. It is a story where a boy who is the main character with his father. The boy resists the ruling directions of his father. To avoid all the commotion he gets from the father, he decides to run away from home. His father is a barn burner who is literally a former thief. In the story, we are told that he infringes on other people due to the fact that he is independent in all his doings. He does a number of dealings to the people, measures which are actually unethical. He burns other people's barns and that he constantly ruins his land-lords rag. Moreover, he is very harsh to his family yet they live in sheer poverty. Besides this, he does not care much of his wife and the children, one being the boy. He expects a lot from the boy, even those which the boy cannot do. One of the themes in the story is that of cruelty. In this story, the father of the boy is administered cruel in his character. This is depicted in his personality to the family and to the other people in the society. He is therefore cruel to the family and to the society. He does not even know that he is a well-known thief. First, he mistreats his poor family. He involves himself on activities that ruin the integrity of the family and even the society as a whole. When he gets annoyed by other people, he resolves to attack their property and destroy them. This is cruelty. Furthermore, he handles the boy in a very rude way. He even goes to a point of behaving inhuman. There are other scenarios which exemplify the theme of cruelty in the story. The setting of the story is a clear explanation of the theme of cruelty. Here, the main characters of concern are the father and the son. The two characters are in a tag of war over an issue that they should have solved at the family level. The setting of the

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