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You are a nurse participating in the customization and implementation of barcode medication administration system. Analyze how the process will change from the current manual process. Include potential problem areas and solutions. Goals of the Study: 1.To analyze whether the implementation of the Barcode Medication Administration System affects the current manual process on giving medications. 2. To share the information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Barcode Medication System. Introduction This Barcode Medication Administration System might not be that familiar to you because this system is just used on few hospitals here in the Philippines. Only few Filipino nurse are trained and implementing this kind of technology. On other countries, this System is being widely implemented. At North Mississippi Medical Clinics, the facility uses bar-code scanners to automatically allocate transcription audio files to patient records. Each physician has his or her own handheld recorder programmed with a personal author ID. After work type (type of visit) is coded and doctor sees a patient, the physician scans a bar code on the patient record and then dictates a message. It automatically links that dictation with the intended patient. When it’s time for the next job, the doctor clicks “New Job” on the recorder to start again. The Doctor can walk out of the room and dictate as he or she walks to the next room. (Lindsey Getz – Freelance writer based in Royersford, Pa.) Table of Effects of Barcode Medication Administration to the Current Manual Process. Situation without Barcode Medication Administration | Effect of Barcode Medication AdministrationSystem | 1. Before administration of medications, Nurses should know about the action, side effects, adverse effects and Nurses’ responsibility upon administering the medication. We have a

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