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Barbie Doll According to “Barbie can be defined as a trademark, a brand of dolls representing slim, shapely young woman especially one with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin.” The title of the poem really grabbed my attention, but after reading it, the tone represented was of depression and sadness. The Antagonist was “apologizing” about her unacceptable image. A lot of verbal irony was used in the poem as well. Marge Piercy the author of the poem “Barbie Doll” did a good job demonstrating a didactic Poetry. That was a good demonstration of how sadness is inherent in life. I think much of who we are as adults has to do with how we socialize, interact and are raised as children. The first four line of the poem “Barbie Doll” speaks about the child’s innocence. “Entertaining toys such as dolls, lack certain ingredients that teach cause and effects but will have psychological effect on how a girl child interprets what is beautiful and eventually how she see herself” says Dr. Hall, a child psychoanalyst with twenty years experience ( The following two lines and second stanza speak of puberty and what her class mates think of her. This is a classic case where a social circle has profound impact of how young people see themselves; not for who they are, but for what their friends think of them. Further irony comes as the magic of puberty is not all magical and the only thing that changes is a girl changing into a woman with thick ties and big fat nose. In the third stanza she begins her quest for acceptance; diet, exercise, smile and wheedle. This is not who she really is and soon the pretense wears away, “Her good nature wore out.” when the real façade revealed who she was, she removed that which people dislikes about her, her nose and her legs and eventually gave up living. How ironic, in the fourth

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