Barbershop by Jacob Lawrence and the Three Fujins by Hung Liu Essay

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Business Law 2301 Eunita Knight – Business Law IRAC Assignment Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011 Dwight v. Michael IRAC Issue: 1.) Was Dwight and Michael’s conversation last fall an enforceable contract? 2.) Can Michael sue Dwight for negligence for stepping into a hole on his property and severely spraining his ankle? 3.) Did Dwight act in Self Defense by smacking Michael in the shoulder with the 2x4? 4.) Did Michael commit Battery when he spit on Dwight? 5.) Can Dwight sue Michael for slander for the remark he made about Dwight using pig manure to fertilize his beets and caused the remaining customers to leave? 6.) Can Michael be charged with larceny for taking cash out of the register while no one was looking? 7.) Can Dwight sue Michael for invasion of privacy? 8.) Did Dwight commit forgery when he removed Michael’s mail from his mailbox and filled out a Playboy subscription and canceled his life insurance? 9.) Did Michael trespass onto Dwight’s property while spying on him? 10.) Can Dwight sue Michael for defamation for placing an “anonymous tip” to the police? 11.) Did the Sheriff need a Search Warrant before entering the barn and arresting Dwight for his findings? 12.) Does the filing court in Arizona have jurisdiction to hear cases in Pennsylvania? Rule: 1.) The statue of frauds requires that certain contracts must be evidenced by writing before the contract can be enforced. 2.) Negligence is the unreasonable risk of harm to others – Failure to exercise reasonable care to protect another person or property. 3.) Self Defense cannot exceed necessary force. The response of the force has to be comparable to defend yourself. 4.) Battery is intentional, unwanted offensive bodily contact. 5.) Slander is a false oral statement harmful to a person’s reputation in business. 6.) Larceny is secretive and wrongful taking of personal property with or another with intent to take and

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