Barbershop Essay

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The film Barbershop is a film that revolves around a social environment in a barbershop in the inner city slums of Chicago. The situation in the film arises when the main character Calvin decides to sell his barbershop to help support his family and start a new career on his own behalf. Calvin’s barbershop has been in the family for years and has plenty of history and memories engraved in the establishment, which is why it is almost odd that he is considering throwing such a cherished place away for money. Calvin’s barbershop is not only a place where local residents come and get their hair cut, but a place where they can get away from the hardships and problems occurring on the streets every day. During these hard times, the barbershop shined a light through the problems to create a place of almost freedom from poverty or violence in society. The producer of the film was able to create two separately controlled environments in the film by using one main aspect; color. By the actions Calvin makes throughout the entirety of the film, it seems as if Calvin is looking to be his own person and stop following in his family’s footsteps. Individualism may be something Calvin is starving for through the course of the film. Looking at the film, the first thing that I was able to depict is how run down the neighborhood and the city in general is. Although looking at the people on the streets and seeing how run down the buildings are in the city represented bad time or sadness, the color the producer used in the film set the mood outside in the streets and inside in the barbershop. Throughout the film, it is easy to notice that outside in the streets the sun would never shine. A grayscale look dropped down onto the city to create a dreary and lifeless environment. Taking a step inside the barbershop entered the viewer into a brand new world. With dominating vibrant
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