Barbarian Nurseries Novel Analysis

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Barbarian Nurseries After reading the Barbarian Nurseries I was able to pull out a few conclusions Hector Tobar wanted us to draw at the end of the book. At the end of the novel the conclusion that stood out to me the most was how people should not jump to a conclusion. I saw this as a conclusion Tobar wanted his readers to see when Araceli was wrongly accused of kidnapping. In the Barbarian Nurseries Hector Tobar argues that people should not jump to conclusions, because something bad could happen to the wrong person. Araceli was a maid for Scott and Maureen Torres-Thompson. After Scott and Maureen had a fight they both left the house leaving Araceli with their two boys. Araceli spent time looking for someone she could give the boys to until their parents returned. Araceli stated, “Of all these people, old man Torres was the only adult still alive and likely to live in a place reachable from Paso Linda Bonita” (147). Being gone for a few days the parents left Araceli with no other choice than to go and find the children’s grandfather. After coming home to an…show more content…
Tobar explains, “The trial attorney he eventually assigned to the case would likely protest his inability to lift The People v. Araceli N. Ramirez over the low bar of proof required for a successful preliminary hearing” (334). Araceli’s case could not be taken to a higher court level, because of the lack of evidence. Instead the trial attorney would, “simply negotiate the charges down from a felony to a misdemeanor in exchange for a plea, give the defendant credit for time served and hand her ass forthwith to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement representatives at the county jail. She would then be swiftly deported, as were the legions of other foregin nationals without papers who landed there” (334). Even though Araceli was charged with a misdemeanor, she was not completely let off the hook. She ended up being deported back to
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