Barbara King Figurative Language

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SMALL WONDER By: Barbara Kings Page 15 Allusion- The author refers it to the Black Death and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Metaphor-The narrator compares herself to a light, weak screen door that is being banged and smashed around in a hurricane which she can be related to as feeble and powerless. Hyperbole-The narrator begins to exaggerate that it isn’t by human being can the person wipe out the human race but instead it is the evil plot or action in the thoughts of that person that can do such a thing. Figurative Language- When she says that the heart is frozen it doesn’t literally mean its frozen like water in a freezer but figuratively it means that the heart is frozen in such a way that that it’s cold in emotions and feelings or simply…show more content…
Irony- The irony in this excerpt is brought in when there is a bunch of money being spent on our pet’s food rather then spending all that money to have ourselves a better place to live in. Page 54 Simile- In this quote, it gives us a better view and perception as to what the author is seeing and giving us an image from the story. Comparing the birds on the wires like a sentence with commas that seem like black breaks in a white line. Symbolism- The author uses the box of Crayolas to symbolize the variety of crabs that were so colorful and illuminating. It gives us a better mental picture to see all these different colored crabs and their descriptions. Metaphor- When the author says they were caught in “a pulsing sea of red” that refused to part, it was very obvious to know that there were many crabs. This gives us a better look at what was occurring and a better image of the situation. Personification- The author uses the word dance specifically because it is more vivid than just to say they “walked” or even “hovered”. Giving the crabs a human quality showing how they moved in order to migrate off to somewhere
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