Barbara Ehrenreich's In The Hands Of The Restless Poor

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Taking Action In today’s society, we find the poor under the hand of people and companies in a higher class. Two writers notice the struggles that people battle through every single day trying to survive on low-income jobs while under the rule of a higher power. Barbara Ehrenreich, who has personally lived on the income earned through working a number of low-paying jobs, recognizes in her article, Serving in Florida, the struggles that come with the reality of living off of a ‘slim-to-none’ amount of money. She has devoted her life to writing about culture and politics. She has also written extensively on social class, work, gender, and politics in columns and in books. Another writer, Earl Shorris, has also noticed this problem. In response to this, in in the Hands of the Restless Poor, he designs a course known as the Clemente Course, which gives a free education to a number of…show more content…
In saying this, he is claiming that the middle to upper class essentially runs the society. They determine what and how things are done. By dictating these activities, they interact with each other. When two sides disagree, they know how to negotiate rather than using force to solve their problems. Shorris bluntly tells the poor they have been cheated. He tells them that the rich have learned the humanities and have the knowledge to use them in day-to-day life but the poor, do not. Shorris simply summarizes, “rich people know a more effective method for living in this society,” (Shorris 4). Rich people know how to successfully and politically fit into the gears of civilization. Since Shorris realizes that the rich have this unfair advantage over the poor, he decides to create a course designed for those that could not learn these humanities in private schools and expensive universities like the rich could. He hopes that in teaching the poor these concepts, the poor will prove his beliefs about the

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